Breaking News: Teenager Mocks ‘Dad Fashion;’ Wears Socks With Sandals Shamelessly

A proverbial millennial was caught openly mocking a middle-aged Minnesota gentleman about his socks and velcro sandals while simultaneously wearing his own.

“Look at this fool,” the millennial proclaimed, “lookin’ all Hank Hill up in here.” The middle-aged gentleman was wearing white socks with dark sandals.

Our news team confronted the millennial, after observing that he bore a similar fashion: Nike shower flip-flops and black basketball socks nearing his kneecaps, emulating compression sleeves for his calves as basketball shorts draped just below his thighs.

“You comparin’ me to him?! You serious?!” We were as serious as a heart attack.

“He don’t compare,” the millennial reassured.

When asked to explain how his act of wearing stockings and open-toed shoes was different than the middle-aged gentleman’s identical wardrobe, the millennial merely stated, under his breath and while buried in a digital paradise of social media and Tinder on an iPhone, that he was ‘on fleek’ and the middle-aged man was ‘on geek.’

We turned to question the middle-aged gentleman in the dispute, but it appears he had gone on living his life, seemingly unfazed by the millennials accusations.

“That’s right! Walk away, old man!” the millennial projected in his direction, though surrounding crowd noise likely filtered out the catcall, as the middle-aged man continued on, fashion forward, just like the millennial.


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