Ground Display Firework Turns Out To Be Mortar Cannon

In a shocking turn of events, a Peoria family got more than they bargained for out of their little firework display.

“We bought a couple sparklers and snap dragons for our five year-old,” the mother explains, “and my husband decided to pick out a ground display finale that whistles and sparks.”

As it turned out, the ground display firework did much more than that.

“I knew once he lit it we were in for the long haul.”

The ‘Screaming Kitty,’ as it is named, began shooting mortar cannons from the top, and went on for nearly ten minutes.

“It would’ve been one thing for it to go off and be done, but the thing had a lot of bang for its buck. They just kept on coming… it was a big load,” the mother states, impressed and what we can only report as being mildly turned on.

One after another, the mortar cannons just kept on erupting from the base.

“My son was horrified, and my husband was furious, so I let him take him inside. I just couldn’t look away. Like… how much could possibly be in that little thing? Impressive…”

The mother decided to end the interview and immediately take a shower, so we attempted to reach ‘Murcia Fireworks, Inc. for questioning, but with no avail.


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